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What is Fascial
Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is an assisted manual stretch therapy technique that focuses on elongating, re-aligning and balancing the connective tissues of the body. The rapid and pain-free results occur within one session and not only improve flexibility, but also strength, balance, coordination, body awareness, and posture. 

Meet The Team

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Danielle Richter

Danielle founded Get Loose Therapy because she is a natural giver, and feels most gratified when she is helping others. Thanks for visiting the Get Loose Stretch Therapy website! Give us a try, we bet you'll love it!

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Megan Richter

Megan’s love for health and wellness was sparked in high school when she began working out and connected with her personal trainer. She loved her renewed sense of energy...


Alicia Davis

Alicia is passionate about helping others live a healthy pain-free life. Alicia is thrilled to join the Get Loose team to offer assisted stretching. Additionally, Alicia offers Craniosacral Therapy.



"Yesterday I had the privilege of being stretched by Ms. Danielle Richter, owner of Get Loose Stretch Therapy. Oh. My. Goodness! Y'all, you NEED to have this done!! I couldn't believe how tall I felt afterwards, and still do today. I was bouncing up steps, sitting taller in my vehicle, and overall feeling better than I have felt in a long while. Please give this a try, you will NOT regret it!"


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1400 43rd Ave NE Suite 250

Bismarck, ND 58503

701-319-8002 - Danielle 

970-631-9803 - Megan

Thank you for your message. We will get back to you ASAP!

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